The guidance you will receive if you call the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration is meant as a supplement to the information available on

We therefore recommend that you read the relevant pages and sections on before you call us.

If you call us, we can give you general information about the various rules and regulations, including the general conditions for a residence permit. We cannot give you guidance as to what you must do to meet the specific conditions for a residence permit.

Be aware that the person you are talking to on the phone is not the case officer handling your specific case. He or she will therefore not be familiar with all the details of your case.

We can only give you guidance based on the information you are giving us, if you have not yet submitted an application.

If you have already applied and have received a refusal, the letter informing you of our decision will contain information on your options for appeal.

  • Information about the rules and regulations covering residence and work permits in Denmark for employees, job seekers, students, au pairs, interns and for those applying for a Working Holiday
  • Information on the rules and regulations concerning EU residence in Denmark
  • Help in finding the relevant information on
  • Information on finding the correct application page and on the application process in general
  • Information about the service goals we have set for our case processing times
  • Information whether we have received your application and documents. In addition, you can add new information to your case
  • Help in understanding the decision you have received and guidance concerning you options for appeal, if you have received a refusal.
  • You cannot be told whether or not you will be granted a residence permit before we have processed your application
  • You cannot receive advice as to what kind of residence permit, you should choose to apply for
  • You cannot be informed of the specific case processing time for your case
  • You cannot speed up the processing of your case by calling us
  • You cannot speak with the case officer handling your specific case
  • You cannot be informed whether or not you can be granted a residence permit, if you apply for a second time after having received a refusal