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Questions and answers

If you hold a residence permit granted on the grounds of asylum and travel to your home country – the country where you risk being persecuted – your residence permit may be revoked.

If you do not have a permanent residence permit and you go on vacation or another short stay in your home country, the Immigration Service can revoke your residence permit or deny an extension. This is the case no matter how long time you have had a temporary residence permit in Denmark.

If you hold a permanent residence permit as a refugee, the residence permit may be revoked until ten years after the date where you were granted your initial residence permit. In other words, ten years must pass between the date on which the first residence permit as a refugee was granted, and the date on which you enter your home country.

If you voluntarily travel to your home country before ten years have passed, the Immigration Service will find it is likely that you no longer risk persecution in your home country. If you do not disconfirm this assumption, the residence permit will normally be revoked.

When you are a refugee holding a residence permit granted in accordance with Aliens Act section 7 or section 8, it will be stated in your travel document (convention passport) or aliens passport that the passport is invalid for travel to the country or countries where you  risk persecution (travel restriction).

This means that you cannot use the passport for travelling to your home country – the country where you risk persecution.

If you, despite this, wish to travel to your home country you can apply to have the travel restriction in your passport or travel document revoked.

In order to apply for a revocation of the travel restriction you need to fill in the application form below. The application form includes detailed instructions for how to fill it in. It also clearly states which types of documentation you need to enclose.

Download application form (in Danish only)

If you give up your address in Denmark due to repatriation, i.e. a voluntary, permanent return to your home country, you have the right to a period to reconsider. This means that your residence permit is not annulled until 3 or 12 months after giving up your Danish address. The duration of this period depends on the type of residence permit you hold. If you have a residence permit as a refugee, the duration of this period is 12 months.