Questions and answers

Decisions about visa applications must normally be made within 15 days.

In some cases applications will require further enquiry. In these cases, the maximum processing time can be 45 days. 

Application processing time is calculated from the time an admissible application is received at a diplomatic mission. 'Admissible' means that the mission has decided that the Schengen conditions for submitting an application have been met.

Certain nationalities or person categories are subject to prior consultation in one or more Schengen countries before a visa may be issued. The processing time in these cases will usually be 10-12 days as a minimum.

See list of these nationalities and categories of persons (annex 16 to the Visa code Handbook)

The rules covering all Schengen countries require that immigration authorities must issue a decision within the time limits. This means that a decision will be based on incomplete information if you as the applicant, the host or any involved third party have not submitted the necessary information to the case before the deadline. If relevant information is received after the deadline for issuing a decision has passed, the case can be re-opened in some cases. In other cases, the applicant must re-apply.

An applications for extension of a visa stay or extension of the right to stay in Denmark beyond the 90 days visa stay or visa free stay, the goal for the maximum processing time is 14 days. Due to a large number of visa applications, the current processing time is 6 months. 

Read more about application processing times at the Immigration Service

Danish authorities process approximately 145,000 visa applications per year.

Most visa applications are processed by the Danish diplomatic missions around the world.

If the diplomatic mission assess that the application needs further investigation, it will be passed on to the Danish Immigration Service. The application is sent via the visa system.

In certain situations, a Danish embassy or consulate will be required to ask the Danish Immigration Service to process an application. Read more about which applications the Immigration Service is required to process in section 28 of the Visa Executive Order

When the diplomatic mission issues a visa you will receive an information sheet  informing you about penalty periods, travel insurance and the fact that you must have sufficient financial means at your disposal when entering the Schengen region. Read Information Sheet to Visa Holders

If the Immigration Service processes the application

When the Immigration Service receives a visa application, we will send an invitation form to the person you have indicated will be your host, if you have not already submitted an invitation form or invitation ID at the diplomatic mission.

Since the Immigration Service sends the invitation form to the host's address listed on the application, please ensure that the host's address in Denmark is correct.

When the Immigration Service sends out an invitation form, we have yet to make a decision about whether you can be issued a visa to visit Denmark.

In certain cases you, your host or both will be asked to provide further information for the processing of the case. The Immigration Service will communicate with you by writing to the diplomatic mission where you submitted your application. The diplomatic mission will then contact you.

A decision about your visa application will be sent to the diplomatic mission. Your host will not normally receive a separate reply. If your host used an online invitation form and you submitted your application at a Danish diplomatic mission, your host will be able to follow the status of the visa case via My Page (available in Danish only).

In many instances, visas for business visits are issued directly by the Danish diplomatic mission without the involvement of the Immigration Service. These cases are known as bona fide cases.

If the diplomatic mission cannot make a decision on a visa application on its own, the application will be turned over to the Immigration Service, which will issue the decision. The Immigration Service processes applications if there is information that must be evaluated further. This information may relate to things such as the company / organisation in Denmark.

In certain situations, the mission will be required to ask the Danish Immigration Service to process an application for example if it is not clear wether the purpose of the business visit requires a work permit. Read more about which applications the Immigration Service is required to process in section 28 of the Executive Order on Visas

In general, the Immigration Service will issue a visa if you can document that you are commercially active and wish to come to Denmark as part of these activities, e.g. to trade, make an business deal or inspect machines or products prior to purchasing them from the Danish company/organisation.

When processing your visa application, the Immigration Service takes into consideration the purpose of your visit as well as your background, and it assesses whether there is reason to suspect that you intend to seek permanent or long-term residency in Denmark or another Schengen country.

If the company / organization wishes information about eg the Immigration Service decision in the visa case, the company / organization must have a written power of attorney from the applicant. The power of attorney must be sent to the Immigration Service.

Visa applications sent by the diplomatic mission to the Immigration Service are processed on the basis of the information submitted by the mission, as well as the information about the visit received from the Danish company / organization.