You must meet the following conditions:

  • You must reside in an asylum centre or another place of accommodation approved by the Immigration Service to receive approval for work.
  • You are required to enter into a contract with the Immigration Service specifying the conditions under which you are approved to work. These conditions include: co-operating with the immigration authorities seeking to process your application for asylum if it is still being processed and/or assisting with the deportation process if you have received a final rejection of your application for asylum, or has withdrawn the application.
  • The employment must comply with standard salary and employment terms.
  • Your identity must have been established.
  • At least 6 months must have passed from the time you applied for asylum.
  • The Immigration Service must have decided that your application for asylum is to be processed in Denmark.
  • You must not at any time have been expelled (administrative expulsion) because you are considered a danger to national security or a serious threat to public order, safety or health.
  • You must not have been expelled by court.
  • You must not have been or be sentenced to prison (served or suspended) or any other criminal penalty that may involve or lead to deprivation of liberty for an offense committed in Denmark that would have entailed such a penalty.
  • You must not be covered by the grounds for exclusion in Section 10 of the Aliens Act and be referred to tolerated stay,
  • The application may not be processed according to the manifestly unfounded procedure or to the expedited version of the manifestly unfounded procedure. Read more about processing applications for asylum.

If you are under 18, you may only be permitted to accept employment in Denmark if, after a specific assessment of your age and maturity etc., the Immigration Service decides that this is in your best interests and if the mentioned conditions are met.

If the Immigration Service refuses your request to be approved to work, you can appeal to the Immigration Appeals Board, within 8 weeks after you have received the refusal.