The list can only be used for traveling to EU and Schengen countries that are covered by the form, and only for transit or a short stay of no more than 30 days. If the student is entered on a school travel list and a photo of the student has been attached, the student does not need a visa, passport or other travel documentation; nor does he or she need a re-entry permit to participate in a school trip.

In addition to Denmark, the following EU countries are covered by the form:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lituania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia Spain and Sweden.

The following Schengen countries, which are not part of the EU, are covered by the form: 

Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

After 1 December 2021 school travel lists cannot be used for traveling to the United Kingdom.  

The school travel list can be obtained by contacting the Immigration Service. You can write to us via our contact form, choose the subject ‘Passport (convention and aliens passport)’.

You can also call us. See our contact information 


A school travel list can only be used for one trip. Travel lists to be certified must be sent to the Immigration Service´s address:

Farimagsvej 51A
4700 Næstved

Once the list has been certified, the Immigration Service will return it to the school. A processing time of around 14 days should be expected. 

Only the original print of the school travel list can be used as a travel document/visa. 

The school travel list can be used by students from age 6 to 22 in the ordinary Danish school system:

  • Primary schools (folkeskole)
  • Private schools
  • Continuation school (efterskole)
  • Youth schools (ungdomsskole)
  • Preparatory Basic Education and Training (forberedende grunduddannelse - FGU)
  • General upper secondary education, e.g HF, HHX, HTX and EUX
  • Technical schools
  • Vocational colleges

Other schools, such as group homes with classes, will be evaluated on a case by case basis in order to decide whether the school is covered by the form. A deciding factor is whether the school primarily focuses on young people.

In addition to the school trip including a group of student from a school within the ordinary school system, it is a requirement that the group of students are accompanied by a teacher from the same school on their trip. Additionally, the teacher has to bring along documentation for the purpose and particulars of the visit; that is, an explanation of the purpose of the visit (tourism, exchange, education), type of transport (train, bus, ship, plane), type of accommodation (school camp, youth hostel, hotel) along with the total number of participating pupils (both Danish and foreign).

We recommend that the school contact the agencies that the group will travel with prior to the trip to ensure that the travel agency accepts the list of travelers as a valid travel document. 

If the student has a valid passport and a residence card

If the student has a passport and a Danish residence permit either in the form of a residence sticker in the passport or a residence card, the student can travel within the Schengen region without being entered on a school´s list of travelers. 

If the student has a valid passport but no residence card

If a student is a citizen of a non-EU country and has a personal, valid passport, only the student's name, national security number, place of birth and nationality together with the school's stamp and the signature of the school principal are required. 

This list – which functions as a visa – does not need to be certified by the Danish Immigration Service or any other authority. The student must bring his or her passport on the trip.

If the student does not have a valid passport

If the student does not have a valid passport, the school travel list can be used as a visa, passport and re-entry permit for the student. 

The list is filled in with the student's name, CPR number, place of birth and nationality together with the school's stamp and the signature of the school principal. A passport photo of the student which meets the requirements for passport photos also has to be attached to the list. See the requirement for passport photos on the website of the Danish police

The complete list of travelers with passport photo(s) attached must be sent to the Immigration Service for certification.

When travelling to Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland and Romania, which are members of the EU, but not part of the Schengen region, students must be entered on the list of travelers and the list must be certified by the Immigration Service regardless of whether the student is in possession of a passport or not.