How we process your data in visa cases

The information supplied by an applicant and a host in connection to an application for a visa will be stored in the Schengen member states’ shared visa data base (C-VIS) and the Danish visa register (IVR-VIS). This also applies to information the applicant and host may submit in conjunction with an application to extend a visa stay. Registration is mandatory.

IVR-VIS is a computerised register maintained by the Danish Immigration Service. C-VIS is a computerised central visa register for the Schengen member states.

Which authorities have access to the information?

Any personal data concerning the visa applicant stated in the visa application form will be registered in the Schengen member states’ shared data base (C-VIS) and the Danish visa register (IVR-VIS) and is processed by the authorities in the member states for the purposes of making a decision about the visa. The applicant’s portrait photo will also be stored in C-VIS, IVR-VIS and the Danish register CARL2. Fingerprints will be stored in C-VIS and CARL2.

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Any personal data concerning the host of the visa stay which is stated in the invitation form will be supplied to the relevant authorities of the Schengen member states and processed by these authorities to pass a decision on the visa application.

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Your right to access, correct, supply and delete registered information as well as restrict processing

To exercise rights under Articles 15-18 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), every person has the right to be informed of the data relating to him/her recorded in VIS and of the member state that entered it into VIS.

When the Danish Immigration Service processes a visa application, the Immigration Service is responsible for processing the data. The applicant and the host have the right to access to the information registered about the person in question in C-VIS and IVR-VIS and to be informed of which member state has delivered or registered the data. The applicant and the host can also request that incorrect information be rectified and that data registered unlawfully be deleted following the limitations otherwise imposed by  Danish law and practice. Finally, restriction of processing may be requested.

The VS3 form can be used to request the right to access, correct, supply, delete and restrict the processing of data. Forms in Word format can be filled in on a screen before being printed out. Forms in PDF format must be printed and filled out by hand.

The form is then sent to the Immigration Service.

Download form VS3 (Word)

Download form VS3 (PDF)

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