When mailing you, it must be via a secure channel. This means that we either mail you via the foreign diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) in your home country or via Digital Post.

For example, we cannot send a decision on your application for a residence permit via Hotmail. Neither can we reply on your email if you send us an email via Hotmail.

If you reside abroad, we cannot send physical letters directly to your address. We will send your mail, e.g. a decision, to the embassy which then will inform you. 

If you are to send us personal information, we advise you to use our contact form, which is a secure channel.

It is also possible to use secure email or Digital Post.

If you

  • have general questions about regulations and procedures regarding residence in Denmark on the basis of work, study, internship, au pair, Working Holiday etc.,
  • have questions to a specific residence permit case, which is either pending with SIRI or decided by SIRI, or
  • want to submit documentation or new information regarding a case at SIRI,

then we recommend you to use our contact form. It is a secure channel, the same as handing a letter directly to us.


SIRI's contact form

Digital Post is mail from the authorities, e.g. SIRI or the Danish Immigration Service, which is sent electronically and securely so that everyone is not able to read the letter.

Read here for further information on Digital Post

Sending an ordinary email is equal to mailing an open postcard. In principle, everyone can read along. Secure email is equal to putting your postcard in an envelope which can only be opened by the intended addressee. Secure email can be used for two things:

  • Encryption – when no third parties can read your message.
  • Signature – when the addressee must be sure that you are the sender. You can encrypt and sign your email simultaneously.

To send and receive a secure email, you must have a digital signature/MitID installed. 

Here you can read more about secure email and MitID