The Fast-track Scheme makes it quicker and easier for certified companies to employ foreign nationals with special qualifications in Denmark.

If you and your employer wish for you to start your job quickly, you can give your employer power of attorney to submit an application under the Fast-track Scheme on your behalf. However, it is a prerequisite that the employer is certified to use the Fast-track Scheme.

You can read more about certification here.

If your employer is certified by SIRI and has applied for a residence and work permit under the Fast-track Scheme on your behalf, there are two ways for you to get a quick job start. This depends on whether you have the possibility to travel legally to Denmark right away, e.g. if you are exempted from the Danish visa requirement.

  • If you can travel legally to Denmark right away, you can book an appointment in SIRI’s Citizen Centre. Here you can be granted a temporary permit allowing you to start your job immediately.
  • If you do not have the possibility to enter Denmark legally right away, your employer must send us an email stating that you want a quick job start.  Afterwards, you can be granted a permit including an entry visa within approximately 10 days.

You can read more about quick job start and the Fast-track Scheme here.