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In the Danish Alien’s Act, there are no set rules concerning the deadline for submitting a request to SIRI to reopen a case.

This does not, however, mean that you always have the right to have your case reopened. There might, for example, have passed so much time since the decision was made, that you are considered to have been too passive ('retsfortabende passivitet'). 

When assessing whether you have been too passive, we can, among other things, take into account:

  • For how long you have been passive
  • The reason for your passitivity

We can also take into account whether there are any additional extraordinary circumstances that speak for or against reopening the case.


If there is new information concerning the case, which was present when the original decision was made, a case can be reopened.

The new information must meet two requirements:

  • The infomation must have been present when the original decision was made

  • They must be of such importance, that the case might have had a different outcome, if the information had been known when the decision was made.

Please note that if the information concerns circumstances that presented themselves after the decision was made, your case cannot be reopened. Instead you must submit a new application.

If you or your legal representative provides supplementary information to SIRI and requests a resumption of the application for residence and work permit during a pending appeal case, then we will forward the supplementary information to the Immigration Appeals Board.

The Immigration Appeals Board will then assess whether the case must be remitted to SIRI or whether the information can be included in the appeal case.

You will be informed when the information has been sent to the Immigration Appeals Board.

If SIRI has received the fee for a request for resumption, then this fee will be refunded.

Please find further information on the refund of fee here.


You must pay a fee, if you wish to submit a request to have your case reopened, for example, in on of the following case types.

  • Work
  • Study
  • PhD
  • Reseacher
  • Intern
  • Au pair
  • Working Holiday
  • Accompanying family member

Certain people can be exempt from paying the fee.

Read more about who must pay a fee

If you must pay a fee in connection with a request to have your case reopened, you can do it on this page. Here you can also see the amount you have to pay.

Before you pay the fee, you must create a case order ID.


When you wish to submit a request to reopen your case, you must send the following to SIRI: 

  • The new information you believe is relevant to the case

  • Documentation for payment of the fee, including the case order Id

  • Your personal ID (appears in the decision letter from SIRI) 

  • The case number from the original case (appears in the decision letter from SIRI)

You can send the request with the abovementioned information via SIRI’s contact form 

We recommend that you use the contact form, but you can also send a letter by regular post.

You can send the letter to: the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, Postbox 304, 2500 Valby.