Published 07-06-2024 - Last updated: 12-06-2024

New residence permit scheme for accompanying family members to expatriate Danish citizens

Accompanying family members to returning expatriate Danish citizens with certain job related qualifications are given the opportunity to be granted a residence permit in Denmark. The new rules will come into effect on 1 July 2024.

This means that Danish citizens that are established abroad and wish to return to Denmark in order to work can bring their foreign family members.

It is a condition for using the new scheme that the expatriate Danish citizen is established abroad and has entered into or received an offer for a job position in Denmark which, if the Danish citizen had been a foreign national, could result in a residence permit after one of the work schemes below.

The expatriate Danish citizen may also have an innovative business plan with the intention of running or continuing to run a self-employment business or running a business through a Danish branch of a foreign self-employment business in Denmark, which could result in a residence permit under the Start-up Denmark scheme.

Read more about the Start-up Denmark scheme

Read the bill passed on June 4, 2024, on the Danish Parliament's website (in Danish) (opens in a new window)

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