Published 02-11-2023

Adjustment of practice for registrating Wolt courier partners under the EU regulations

SIRI adjusts its practice concerning couriers for Wolt. Going forward, Wolt courier partners can be registered as workers when they apply for a residence document under the EU regulations.

Wolt is a platform company where the couriers themselves decide how much and when they want to work. Until now, SIRI has registered Wolt courier partners either as self-employed persons or as persons with sufficient funds. This is partly due to SIRI’s assessment that Wolt was not the couriers’ employer.

Now, SIRI assesses that Wolt in connection with evalution of residence under the EU regulations as a rule shall be considered as employer for the couriers, and the couriers can thus be considered as workers if the other conditions for obtaining status as a worker are fulfilled.

If you are a Wolt courier partner and want to be registrered as a worker, you must document the following:

  • that you have a courier partner agreement with Wolt, 
  • that you have been working as courier for the last approximately three months, e.g. by submitting paychecks/invoices,
  • and that the work is of a certain scale. Typically, this can be documented by paychecks/invoices.

If you are a courier partner for Wolt and currently registered as a person with sufficient funds, you have the opportunity to apply for re-registration as a worker. You can do this by contacting SIRI via SIRI’s contact form and at the same time submitting the documentation mentioned above.

You can find SIRI’s contact form here

If you are a Wolt courier partner and registered as a self-employed person, you are already registered under section 5 of the EU Residence Order. Section 5 also encompasses workers, and you can therefore not apply for re-registration. Therefore, the adjustment of practice will not affect your registration. 

Whether or not you apply for re-registration, you will in residency legal terms be considered as a worker if you fulfill and are able to document the other conditions.

Please note that the adjusted practice only affects courier partners for Wolt and not other platform companies. This is due to EU citizens’ possible status as workers according to the EU regulations depend on the specific structure of the platform company in question, as well as the character and scope of the work being executed. If Wolt changes its structure, this can also affect the Wolt courier partners’ future status as workers.

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