Published 17-07-2023

New wage statistics for the Positive list for skilled work

SIRI publishes an updated wage statistics, that applies for the positive list for skilled work . It will take effect 1st of August 2023.

How do we use the wage statistics? 

In the case processing for applications for the Positive List for Skilled Work, SIRI uses a wage statistics made by Statistics Denmark. The wage statistics is used to decide if an offered job is within the Danish standards for salary.

Currently, SIRI uses the wage statistics based on the data from from Danish Statistics register for salary that contains information from third quarter of 2021. 

There is now an updated wage statistics that will contain information from first quarter of 2023 and will take effect 1st of August 2023.

What does the change mean for you as an applicant? 

It means that, all the applications that SIRI receives before 1st of August will be evaluated by the previous wage statistics from third quarter of 2021.

SIRI will use the updated wage statistics for all applications sent from 1st of August 2023  and onwards. 

Where can I find the new updated wage statistics that effect  1st of August  2023? 

You can find the wage statistics on the application page of the Positive List for Skilled Work

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