Published 11-11-2022

SIRI makes it easier for citizens and businesses to get in touch with us

SIRI has implemented a number of initiatives, which will ensure faster service in our call centre. In addition, the contact person arrangement in the area of work will be extended with an extra opening day, and it will be possible to make inquiries regarding specific cases.

SIRIs call centre is the main access point for all inquiries to SIRI for all citizens, businesses and authorities.

Unfortunately, the call centre has had long waiting times for a long period of time, and it has been difficult to get through. SIRI has therefore implemented a number of initiatives to ensure faster service in the call centre.

We continue to work to improve our call centre, but it is already going in the right direction. Waiting times has been significantly reduced and many calls are being answered within 10 minutes. In addition, a call back function has been implemented, so the caller does not have to wait on the phone, but will be called back when it is the caller’s turn.

We continue to work to make it easier to reach the call centre, so citizens, businesses and authorities get answers quickly. Starting 17 November 2022, the call centre will be open an extra day each week, and henceforth open four days a week.

SIRI has also decided to extend the opening hours of the contact person arrangement.

The arrangement, which gives certified companies a contact person in SIRI's Fast track office was adjusted in October 2021, when the opening hours were limited to two days a week and to general questions.

Today SIRI processes most applications after the Fast track scheme within the service goal of one month. During our Business Forum, which was held in September 2022, a wish for extended opening hours for the contact person arrangement was expressed.

SIRI has therefore decided to extend the opening hours with an extra opening day. From now on it will be possible to call the contact person three days a week. Mondays and Wednesdays calls to the contact person can be made between 12 noon and 2 PM and Friday’s opening hours will be 10 AM until 12 noon.

The contact person in SIRI's Fast track office will henceforth be able to answer general questions and answer questions concerning specific cases. However, inquiries about the status of specific cases, reminders, questions about residence cards etc. must be directed to the call centre.

The contact person arrangement continues to be targeted at companies certified after the Fast track scheme and will only deal with questions concerning applications after this scheme.

Questions concerning other schemes must be made to the call centre.

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