Published 12-07-2021

Notification regarding statements from Útlendingastovan in connection to application for residence and work permits in the Faroe Islands

The Faroese Immigration Office (Útlendingastovan) will now carry out a more thorough assessment of the type of position that an applicant has been offered in connection with an application for a residence and work permit in the Faroe Islands. This means that foreign nationals applying for a residence and work permit in the Faroe Islands with reference to unskilled labour should generally expect their application to be turned down.

When a foreign national applies for a residence and work permit in the Faroe Islands, it is standard practice that the Danish Agency for International Recruitment  and Integration (SIRI) consults with the Faroese Immigration Office in order to assess whether or not the offered salary and terms of employment correspond to Faroese standards. If this is the case, the Faroese Immigration Office sends a statement to SIRI where they recommend that a permit be issued.

When performing their assessment of an applicant’s offered employment, the Faroese Immigration Office looks at whether or not the offered employment is of any particular character. Specifically, if the employment can be considered unskilled labour, if there are any extraordinary production related circumstances that necessitates the employment (i.e. in the fishing industry), and if the applicant possesses any particular professional training, skillset or education relevant to the given position.

In order to obtain a residence and work permit in the Faroe Islands, it is a condition that the Faroese Immigration Office can provide the agency with a positive statement regarding a specific application. A negative statement will normally lead to SIRI turning down the application.

Please note that the abovementioned notification does not concern applications submitted under the EU regulations.

SIRI is still responsible for processing applications for residence and work permits for the Faroe Islands, and you can contact SIRI for further information. Contact the office for agriculture and work on 72 14 20 03 or via our contact form.

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