Published 08-02-2021 - Last updated: 15-02-2021

Interns within the green sector – 6 months extension of residence now possible

The Minister for Immigration and Integration has decided that interns within the green sector holding residence permits expiring during the coming period until 8 August 2021 extraordinarily can have their permits extended for 6 months.

In the present situation, it is difficult for the green sector to get new foreign interns due to coronavirus (COVID-19). For this reason and after deliberations with labour market organisations, the Minister for Immigration and Integration has decided to amend the Executive Order regarding interns to make it possible for interns within the green sector who are already in Denmark to have their existing residence permits extended for an additional 6 months.

Upon application and starting 8 February 2021, extensions of residence permits can consequently be granted for interns within the green sector making the total duration of the internship 18 months instead of 12 months. After submitting the application, the intern may continue his or her residence and work in Denmark - even if the application has not yet been processed by The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).

Apply for an extension of your residence permit as an intern

When submitting the application, the ordinary case processing fee must be paid. It continues to be a requirement for the applicant to have his or her biometric features recorded.

Please note that this special arrangement applies only to permits which at the latest expire on 8 August 2021, and only for interns within the green sector - e.g. the agricultural field and the horticultural field.

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