Published 05-11-2020

New design for the residence cards

When being granted a residence and work permit in Denmark you will get a residence card to prove this. A residence card is a credit card-sized plastic card.

On 9 November 2020 the design of the Danish residence card will change. Residence cards issued from 9 November 2020 and thereafter will have a blue background colour and a design like the card shown below.

Your red residence card will still be valid until it expires or until you no longer meet the conditions for your residence permit. You do not have to apply for a new residence permit (and with it a blue card) unless your red card is about to expire, or your situation has changed.

If you are an employer

SIRI has updated the brochure on how to avoid employing foreign nationals illegally. In the brochure you will find information about what to check on the new blue card to ensure that the owner of the card is allowed to work for you.

See the updated brochure (pdf)

The new blue residence card – front page

Residence card front

The new blue residence card – back page

Residence card back