Published 26-03-2024

An adjustment and clarification of practice regarding foreign interns in the hotel and restaurant industry

From April 1, SIRI adjusts the practice on how to assess salary conditions for foreign interns in the hotel and restaurant industry, and the current practice for assessment of the professional connection is clarified

Adjustment of practice

The adjustment of practice means that, when SIRI assesses whether salary conditions meet the Danish standards in the industry, the foreign interns will be divided into two categories; interns in education and graduates.

For interns still in education, SIRI will, as a starting point, assess that the salary offered is normal if it corresponds at least to the first salary level (during the first 12 months of internship, then the second salary level) in the current Student Agreement (Elevoverenskomst) between HORESTA and 3F.

When assessing whether the salary offered graduate interns meets the Danish standards, SIRI will be using the salary levels for unskilled workers in the current Restaurant Agreement (Restaurationsoverenskomst) or Hotel Agreement (Hoteloverenskomst) between HORESTA and 3F.

The adjustment of practice applies to all applications received from and including 1 April 2024.

Read the practice note here (only available in Danish)

Clarification of practice

In addition, SIRI also makes a clarification of practice regarding the assessment of the professional connection between internships and the educational programmes of foreign interns.

In those cases where an educational programme does not in itself support a professional connection to the internship, the applicant must have passed a sufficient amount of subjects relevant to the internship, so that the subjects make up one semester's worth of credits.

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