Published 01-02-2021

The fee for issuing a new passport is raised from 1 February 2021

26 February 2021 the Danish parliament has passed an alteration to the Passport Act that results in a fee increase from 1 February 2021. Concurrently it is decided that the fee for a new passport is doubled if the applicant’s previous passport is lost or presented in a broken condition.

The act concerns the issuing of passports to both Danish Citizens and foreigners residing in Denmark.

The new rules come into force from 1 February 2021 and apply to applications for passport submitted from this date. 

What is the fee for a new passport from 1 February 2021?

The fee for obtaining a new passport depends on your age.

  • Age of 0 – 11: DKK 150
  • Age of 12 – 17: DKK 178
  • Age of 18 – state retirement age: DKK 890
  • Persons in state retirement age: DKK 378 

If you previously have received a passport from the Immigration Service and you are not able to show your most recent passport when you apply for a new passport – e.g. because you have lost your recent passport – you have to pay a double fee for your passport. The same applies if your most recent passport is in a broken condition. 

You must pay the fee when you show up in person at the Immigration Service’ Citizen Service to have your fingerprint recorded for your passport. If you are not issued a passport, the fee will be returned to you.

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