A targeted digital guide for employers who need to hire a foreign employee

For many smaller companies, it can be difficult to find out what you need to be aware of when hiring an employee from another country - both the rules that apply to you as the employer and the applicatoins and registrations that the employee must complete to be able to work in Denmark.

The Danish Business Authority has therefore, together with the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), developed a digital guide. The cguide is targeted at you who are an employer and want to help your future foreign employee through this process.

The guide gives you the opportunity to help your foreign employee through the necessary applications and registrations, so that both you and the employee can comply with the rules and you can pay the salary to the employee.

Begin using the guide "Ansæt udenlandsk medarbejder – trin for trin (Hire a foreign employee - step by step)" (opens in a new window) (In Danish only)

Virk Assistenten offers a number of personal digital guides

"Ansæt udenlandsk medarbejder – trin for trin" is one of a number of Danish language, personal, digital guides from Virk Assistenten. The Danish Business Authority has so far launched ten courses under Virk Assistenten. Companies can for example get help to make the first purchase/sale of goods to another EU country, hire the first employee, update the industry code and close the business.

Virk Assistenten is part of the Danish Business Authority's effort to support better coherence for Danish companies in the digital meeting with the public sector. The ten key situations that the guides support have been identified out by Danish companies themselves, e.g. via the former Business Forum for Simpler Rules. The guides should alleviate the difficulties and hassle of the processes and make it easier for companies to focus on running their business.