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Who can be granted a residence permit?

If you are a child born in Denmark by foreign national parents, you can apply for a residence permit, if you have not had another residence permit before. The requirements for qualifying for a residence permit are more relaxed than for children born abroad.

You must be aware that if you already have had a residence permit in Denmark, you must apply for a residence permit on the grounds of family reunification instead. This application will normally require payment of a fee. Read more about how you apply for family reunification as a child 

You and your parent in Denmark need to meet certain requirements.

Special rules apply to the groups below:

Once you have been granted a residence permit, your municipality of residence will register you in the Civil Registration System (CPR).

Possibility of Danish citizenship for stateless persons under 18 years

If you were born as a stateless person in Denmark you can, following the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, be listed in a naturalisation bill without fulfilling the general conditions for obtaining Danish citizenship, if you apply before you turn 18 and reside in Denmark. 

The Danish Immigration Service draws attention to the fact that certain countries do not recognize the transfer of citizenship from mother to child. If you are born to a woman from one of these countries, you can be stateless if your father is either stateless or unknown. If you are in that situation, you may be subject to the special rules for citizenship for stateless persons born in Denmark.

Read more about Danish citizenship for stateless persons under 18 years on (in Danish only)

What are the requirements?

In order to qualify for a residence permit, you, the applicant, and your parent in Denmark both need to meet certain requirements.  

One of your parents needs to hold a:

  • time limited residence permit as a refugee in accordance with the Aliens Act section 7 or 8,
  • time limited residence permit on the grounds of family reunification with a refugee who has residence permit in accordance with the Aliens Act section 7 or 8,
  • time limited residence permit with the possibility of permanent residence, or 
  • permanent residence permit in Denmark.  


 Your parent in Denmark needs to have custody of you.

You need to be under 15 years old. 

You need to live with your parent in Denmark. 

Which type of residence permit will you be granted?

Temporary residence permit

If your application for family reunification is approved, you will initially be granted a temporary residence permit, typically valid until you turn 18. If your parent holds a temporary residence permit, your residence permit will expire when your parent’s residence permit expires. Your residence permit can be extended if you and your parent still meet the requirements for residency. Read more about extending residence permits

When you turn 18, it may be possible for you to obtain a permanent residence permit by meeting lenient requirements. Read more about permanent residence permit 

The child’s parent in Denmark needs to fill in and submit the application for a residence permit on behalf of the child. The information below explains what you need to do when applying for a residence permit for a child born in Denmark.

You can submit an online application.

When you, the child’s parent, fill in the application form you will need to attach documentation. It is a good idea to gather the documentation before you start. 

You may need:

Set aside

10 to 15 minutes

to fill in the application form

1 person

 You, the child’s parent, needs to fill in the form on behalf of the child.

The application form includes detailed instructions for how to fill it in and which types of documentation you can attach.

You need MitID when filling in the application form. Read more about MitID

If you want to resume filling in an application form online select ‘Start online application’. Once you are logged in, select ‘Continue a previously saved application’.

If you would like to make changes to an application after you have submitted it, you need to contact the Immigration Service. You do not need to submit a new application. Contact the Immigration Service

Start BO1 online application

You can also print out and submit the application form. You can fill in the application form in Word format on your computer before printing it out. The application form is also available as a PDF file that can be printed out and filled in by hand.

Download a printable version of BO1 in Word format

Download a printable version of BO1 in pdf format


If you would like the Immigration Service to issue a residence card to your child, you will need to provide us with the child’s fingerprints and a facial photo (biometric features) within 4 weeks of submitting the application.

When your child will be living with you, your child will not need a residence card. Having a card issued to your child is optional.

Your child can have his/her biometric features recorded at the Immigration Service’s Citizen Service. You must book an appointment before you show up at the Citizen Service. Read more about where the Immigration Service’s Citizen Service has branch offices and how you book an appointment

Read more about residence cards with fingerprints and facial pictures


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