To apply for a residence permit under the Fast-track Scheme you (the employee) must normally give your employer or a third party power of attorney to submit the application. The employer or the third party completes the application form AR6 online and attaches the necessary documentation. Employers, who are certified to use the Fast-track Scheme, have been instructed to use the AR6 online for this purpose.

If you do not wish to let yourself be represented by your employer or a third party, you can use the application form AR1 online. When AR1 online is used the employer must first complete part 1 of the form. Then you complete part 2 and attach the necessary documentation.

The print version of AR1 cannot be used for an application for a residence permit under the Fast-track Scheme.


You can use the application form AR1 Online


However, the AR1 online form cannot readily be used for applications under the Fast-track Scheme. This is because it is not possible to indicate that the application is with reference to the Fast-track Scheme in the section where you choose a scheme or a type of employment in part 1 of the application form (the employer’s part). 

When using the AR1 online the employer (or third party) must instead choose the Pay Limit Scheme. In the box for supplementary comments you must state that the application is for a permit under the Fast-track Scheme, as well as state after which of the 4 tracks you want the application processed. You then follow the standard procedure for submitting the application form AR1 online.

More information on the Fast-track Scheme and its 4 tracks can be found here

Using the AR1 online form to submit an application under the Fast-track Scheme might mean that not all the the necessary information and documentation are submitted. The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration will request any missing information by contacting either you or your employer after we have received the application. If you use AR1 online instead of AR6 online it may therefore extend the total processing time.

If you want to submit an application for an extension of your Fast-track permit, and you  do not wish to let yourself be represented by the employer or a third party,  it is possible to submit the application yourself in the same way as described above.

You must use then the application form AR3 online