Information about residence and corona

You can find information on the coronavirus outbreak in Denmark on the webpage is the joint website of the Danish authorities, where individuals and businesses can find current information, advice and knowledge about COVID-19.

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Whether your need to be tested and go into isolation after entering Denmark depends on the country you are travelleing from and whether you have been vaccinated or have previously been infected.

You can read more about the regulations covering entry into Denmark on

All SIRI's branch offices are open. It is therefore possible to book an appointment for recording of biometric features in one of our branches in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg and on Bornholm.

Normally you must have your biometric features recorded no later than 14 days after submitting your application. In order for us to make a decision on your application, it is a requirement that you have had your biometric features (facial photo and fingerprints) recorded.

The deadline for biometrics has temporarily been extended to 4 weeks from the date you submitted the application. If you cannot meet this deadline please contact SIRI with an explanation why you have not been able to have your biometric features recorded. You can contact SIRI using our contact form.

If a deadline for leaving Denmark has been set for you, and you cannot meet this deadline, you must contact SIRI and request to have the deadline postponed.

Your deadline can be extended if, by the time your deadline is up, extraordinary circumstances affect your ability to leave Denmark. It is your responsibility to apply for the additional extension and to document that meeting the deadline is impossible.

You can contact SIRI by writing to us through our contact form or by calling us