Published 13-12-2021

Au pair: New rates for the monthly allowance and amount to help finance Danish language classes take effect on 1 January 2022

The new rate for the monthly allowance (pocket money) is expected to be DKK 4,600 and the amount to help finance Danish language classes is expected to be DKK 18,215.

The new rates take effect for au pair applications submitted on 1 January 2022 and onwards.

The application’s submission date determines which rate applies to your application.

The submission date is the date when the application has been

  • received at a diplomatic mission or visa application centre
  • received in one of SIRI’s branch offices
  • received by SIRI as physical post or through SIRI’s contact form
  • submitted using online application form AU1

The submission date is therefore independent of when you begin to fill in the application form or when you sign the application. That is, if the application process was begun in December 2021, but the application was only submitted in January 2022, the rates for 2022 will apply.


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