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Published 05-05-2020

Further extension of deadline for recording of biometric features

Due to the COVID-19 situation, in many places and in a number of situations it is not possible to have your biometric features (fingerprints and facial photo) recorded, when you submit an application for a residence permit. The deadline for recording biometric features is therefore extended until 1 July 2020. We are, however, able to begin processing your application, even if you have not had your biometric features recorded.

At the moment the Citizen Service of the Danish Immigration Service is closed due to the risk of infection with COVID-19. The same holds true for the citizen centres of the police and many Danish diplomatic missions and visa application centres around the world. In addition SIRI's citizen centres have only partially reopened.

Read more about the partial reopening of SIRI's citizen centres

In normal circumstances it is a requirement that you have your biometric features recorded no later than 14 days after submitting your application – failure to do this will result in your application being rejected.

Due to the extraordinary situation the deadline for having your biometric features recorded has been extended until 1. July 2020.

This means that you must have you biometric features recorded no later than on the 1 July 2020 after you submit your application for a residence permit, for an extension of a residence permit or for a permanent residence permit. We will begin processing you application, but we are not able to reach a final decision until you have had your biometric features recorded.

It is your own responsibility to keep track of the situation in the place where you are currently staying and of the possibility to have your biometric features recorded. You can keep yourself informed of the situation on and the website of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (new window).